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  • LET FREEDOM SWING: DogKeeper’s main goal is to allow your
    pet to gain their independence exercise and freedom in the outdoors Don’t keep
    your pet cooped up all day – let them roam safely free with the 360-degree
    swivel top base!
  • PEACE OF MIND: Safety is a big concern amongst dog owners
    and we take solace in knowing that your best friend is safe and sound.
    Especially great for owners who don’t own homes or expensive fenced-in
  • MADE FOR ALL SIZES AND BREEDS: From chihuahua to a great
    Dane! The power-coated steel base is designed to withstand any size and
    strength of dog.
  • ANYTIME ANYWHERE: Perfect for events where you can’t constantly
    be managing your pet. Like parks, the beach, grilling, camping, or even just enjoying
    a day at home.
  • EASY TO SET UP: Simple install. Secure the base into the
    ground using a hammer or mallet, Slide the leash into the top base, and attach
    your preferred leash.
  • FITS ALMOST ANY SIZE LEASH: DogKeeper’s design gives a secure
    hold on almost any size leash. Allowing you to be in control of much leeway your
    dog has!


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